Linda Mitchell’s sculptures and paintings mostly depict animal figures that possess human-like qualities. She later created paintings that mixed actual objects with painted illusions with the purpose of intuitively allowing poetic meaning to emerge from textually layered images that were both created via painting or using digital means. She continued producing animal figures using Play-Doh as well as sewed fabric animals.

Her creations have been extensively exhibited in museums, art centers, galleries in different parts of the US. Mitchell’s work is a contemplation of human life through the spirit of soulful animals. She aims to foster a spiritual connection between the self and the natural world. She received her BFA at UGA in Drawing & Painting in 1982, her MFA in painting in 1990, and sculpture in 1994 from GSU.

This Atlanta native was born in 1960 and was reared in a family that nurtured her artistic interests. She has been painting, sewing, and making animal figurines since she was a child.


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